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* Ryan Thompson

"I've been coming to Fit4Less Bromley for about a month now, the staff have welcomed me in perfectly. I'm loving the equipment, it's all kept in perfect condition, everything is accessible."

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* Dinah Scudder

"I've been coming here for about 18 months, Fit4Less Bromley is great, you can be your own person. I've found it's a really good place to be you can just be by yourself you don't have to join in anything. The staff are lovely, and if ever I find myself needing help with something, they are there for me. And for value for money you just can't beat it."

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* Mira Godiwala

"I've been coming to Fit4Less Bromley for 2 or 3 months approximately, I love this gym, it's the first one I've ever actually properly been to. I've been to one before it made me feel a little nervous there was a lot of meaty beefy guys, they made me feel very insecure as I'm quite the beginner. Over here there's been a lot of friendly people they've been giving me good support and I like the atmosphere."

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