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* Sean Gibson

I enjoy being a member of fitforless As far as gym’s go I think it’s the best The staff are amazing, the classes are too From spin Class to yoga there’s plenty to do. Fighting Fit with Fiona and James does great spin My body shape’s changing from fat into thin Victoria’s friendly and gives great advice Kirsty and Suzie their always so nice Also there’s Richie who’s built like a bear T-shirts a size smaller that he likes to wear With all these great people this gym’s hard to top When I’m starting to wobble they won’t let me stop They keep me so motivated it’s never a chore They’ve strengthened my muscles and also my core The banter is great and my workouts are ace I’ve made lots of friends since joining this place I always look forward to visiting this gym All of us members working hard to keep slim I’ve tried other places but to me it’s the best Great Fun and great banter It’s great Fitforless

* Jason Irvine

Decide..commit...succeed. Went from 16 stone to 13 stone 10lb in 3 months. It was hard work but worth it for the end result. This gym always greets you with a smiles when you come in and keen to know the progress of my training. Would like to thank all the personal trainers especially Martin and Gizzy who have given me a lot of advice, support and motivation.

* Gillian Hunter

The Classes at Fit4less gym in Dundee East are diverse, well scheduled and fun. The instructors and trainers are experienced, professional and really help motivate you. They encourage you and push you to go further, but they make sure you are doing things the right way. The staff are capable, friendly and always willing to help. I have been a member of this gym for over 3 years now and during this time I have tried various approaches to keeping fit and healthy. I find that by doing a mixture of personal fitness plans along with a variety of classes helps keep me motivated and on course. I am more than happy to share that I have managed to lose 2 dress sizes and feel great! This really is a gym that means business, so why not give it a go?

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