The smarter way to exercise

The Fit4less budget gym is a low cost alternative to full service health clubs. Instead of paying £50 upwards a month for gym membership, Fit4less members pay just £14.99.*

For this low monthly cost members receive exceptional value for money,  working out on state-of-the-art Precor fitness equipment,  the very same equipment used in many of the leading health clubs around the globe. Members also have access to first-class facilities, including changing rooms and showers, whilst many Fit4less clubs offer studio classes (including favourites such as Zumba and BodyPump).

low cost

Make no mistake, this is a high-quality gym, with a low monthly cost.

The difference is that Fit4less members don’t pay for the expensive luxuries offered by full service health clubs such as steam rooms, sauna’s and swimming pools. These luxury facilities are both costly to run for the gym owner but also rarely used by the majority of members.

Instead, Fit4less members simply enjoy a top quality gym, with top quality equipment without breaking the bank. It’s the smarter way to exercise.


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– where less is more

The low price point combined with the overall quality of the gym and the flexible membership options means that joining Fit4less becomes a ‘no-brainer’. Essentially, for the price of a round drinks a member can join the club online and start working out the very same day.

Flexible memberships including a ‘no contract’ option remove the risk traditionally associated with joining health and fitness clubs. In the past, health club members would have limited membership options, having to commit to a 12 month contract without knowing whether they would enjoy the club and without the guarantee of results. There is no such dilemma when joining Fit4less. 

The exceptional value on offer removes the financial burden from the decision to join, creating exceptional demand from day one and pushes Fit4less gyms to profitability consistently earlier than their original forecasts.

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*£14.99 is the lowest membership rate offered in the Fit4less network, prices vary across the network.