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All about you! Your goals, needs and benchmarks so you get the right workout plan to suit your lifestyle.

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Learn how to complete your personal exercise plan correctly and track your progress for maximum results in less time.

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Take your workouts to the next level as we fine-tune your technique, intensity levels and exercise options.

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We don’t do diets! Evaluate your eating habits and learn easy healthy strategies for faster and more sustainable results.

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Check your overall progress and revise your workout plan in line with your new levels of health and fitness.

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For the ultimate in variety and motivation, enjoy regular check-ups of your results, workout design and eating habits.

Personal Training

Get VIP treatment with Personal Training, Small Group Programs and Boot Camps. Additional fees apply.

Weight Loss

My personal émpower plan and improved eating habits have helped me lose unwanted weight and taught me how to keep it off. Jacqui

Energy and vitality

With émpower I can recharge my batteries and feel fully energiesed to really get the most out of my busy life. Sophie

Strength & muscle building

I used to train for hours in pursuit of my goals. Now the émpower system has taught me the best and fastest ways to get stronger and build muscle with each and every workout. Julius

Toning & Firming

Keeping a firm, toned figure is important to me and really helps boost my confidence and self-esteem in all aspects of life. Kiran

Stress Management

I was all work, no play and it was killing me. Thanks to émpower I can cope much better with stress and enjoy optimum health. Chris

Sports Performance

I gave up on sports once I started work but with émpower I can regain my fitness and stamina and get back in the game! Dan

Keeping fit all year round

I've always been active but needed a fun and interesting way to keep fit no matter what the weather. émpower does it for me all-year-round! Megan