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* george franklin

"Hello my name is George. This gym has everything that you want: it has friendly staff, isn't too crowded and you can do what you want in here, you've got all the equipment that you want so it's all good!"

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* Wayne Smith

Wayne Smith loves the friendly customer service he gets everyday!

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* Connor Mooney

"I'm Connor and I like this Fit4Less gym because: its staff are amazing, the equipment is fantastic, always kept up to date, always nice and clean, always someone to talk to if you ever need help, the class time table is absolutely phenomenal, there is always something to do and it is my local area! The price is completely amazing, £14.99 for a membership is something that you cannot beat and the atmosphere when you come here is very welcoming, there's no judgement, there's nobody watching you or staring at you, everyone is friendly, everyone helps you out if you need it. It's awesome!"

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