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* Mike Samra

"I joined Fit4Less around 18 months ago with the usual wish of getting fit and healthy. I had damaged my knee and had an ACL replacement so opted to go with Darren as my PT to help strengthen my knee post surgery. I initially thought I would do one set of 10 sessions and in the end did 3 x 10! The advantage with using Darren rather than trying to do it alone was the range of different routines I practised and the level of progress could not have been achieved alone, I never realised the benefits of squats and now am fully converted! I whole heartedly recommend Fit4Less in terms of cost, location and facilities. I have been to most city gyms in my 20 years working in the city and this is the best membership by far."

* Tamas Vigh

"I joined Fit4Less Tower Hill in March 2015 with an aim to get fit. The gym is in an amazing location and for the price, it just made sense. I had a free trial personal training session with one of the trainers as I was unsure about what exactly to do as this was the first gym I have ever been a member of! Since March I have been training with her. I love that she can always show some new exercises in the sessions plus she ALWAYS pushes me to perform 120%! In just 10 weeks I gained 6 kilograms of muscle and am very happy to finally see my abs! I can definitely recommend Fit4Less Tower Hill, it is an amazing gym, with a friendly staff, great machines and for just £24.99 unbelievable value!"

* Anushka Lalwani

"I have been at Fit4less Tower Hill since January 2014 and I am extremely happy with the club! The price is unbeatable and the staff are really kind and helpful! It is a simple fitness club with all the essentials and I don't think you can get anything better in the City for this price! Since October 2014 - May 2015 I have been working with Darren Browne (personal trainer) and the pictures speak for themselves! I have reduced in body fat %, increased my strength and lost several inches. I would not hesitate in recommending this health club or the PT's! At the moment I am on an extended holiday in Barcelona, Spain but I when I am back you will surely see me there"

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