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* Kayleigh Fagan

I first came to Fit4Less as it was convenient for me as close to my home. After the first session I enjoyed it. Staff are friendly and helpful and the equipment is very good. I would recommend using this gym.

* Georgina Warhurst

"I have been to many gyms over the years and have never really got on in any off them. Fit4less is the best gym, you are always made to feel welcome, the staff are so friendly and helpful. Since going to this gym i'm well on my way to achieving the goals that i have set myself. The classes are fun and always help you push yourself to do the best you can. Dominyka is a brilliant PT she always keeps me motivated and i feel that she has helped me so much i can't thank her enough. Best gym, one happy client!"

* Mateusz Gryzowski

Dominyka has been very effective with her classes giving me and other member’s extreme training from the body pump work out and the other classes I’ve got myself signed on. I can see the effects of the workouts as I’ve lost 2.5 kilograms over the last month gaining satisfaction and motivations for further results in future. She corrects, motivates and teaches people how to progress through the workouts for them to reach the maximum performance allowing the people in the class to become capable of completing the full session. For example, the beginners that attend classes get too exhausted, Dominyka tells them to take a break for them to catch breath and complete more exercises allowing them to feel comfortable. The atmosphere in the class is very friendly as Dominyka speaks and brings a lot of positive energy making the members of the class become more enthusiastic.

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