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* Anton Thomas

I enjoy coming to Fit4Less, it is local to me. Staff are very friendly and helpful. A good variety of classes during the day and evening, which helps people who work shifts. A great gym that I will continue using!

* Berni Walker

I joined Fit4Less almost 2 years ago. It's very friendly and affordable gym. The staff are always welcoming and helpful if I need any advise or encouragement. Before I joined Fit4Less I havd never been to the gym before and now it's a part of my lifestyle. Thank you for everything!

* david fielder

As a Northerna ! I communicate to Northampton every other week for my job.. Because of this I needed to find a local gym. I saw Fit4Less was offering a free 1 day pass which i took full advantage of :) From that 1st session back in 2015 I was hooked !!! The Cardio and Functional area are great and the free weight zone is awsome . But what makes me come back after a hard days work is the staff . They are Super Friendly , knowledgeable and value me as a member and person . The owner has even invited me to several member nights out. Cheers Guys

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