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* Holly Guest

"What attracted me to this gym was the price and that all classes were included in the price. I've never joined a gym before because of prices of them. So i joined this gym and as soon as i stepped in there, the staff were so very friendly and helpful. It's now been a good few months now and it's like a second home to me. I am very happy to say it is the best thing I have done. The staff and the owner are absolutely lovely, I'd recommend this gym to anyone."

* Mateusz Sarnowski

I have been a member since the day the gym opened. I decided to join this gym because of the facilities available. I am interested in calisthenics and the Rig is the perfect piece of equipment for this. Also, the cardio area is spacious and has a big variety of equipment. The staff are very useful and helped me to get the body I have today. In summary the staff are very friendly, equipment is great and I am happy to be a member of this gym.

* Olaf Gryzowski

I joined Fit4Less over a year ago and I really like the equipment, especially the rig as it helps me to do my calisthenics workouts. The staff is always willing to help and encourage members to do various challenges , lead them towards their goals.

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